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Lawrenceville Spousal Support Lawyer

Alimony Cases in Lawrenceville

Unlike child support, spousal support (or alimony as it is also called) is not a solid matter in a divorce case. There are no specific guidelines that clearly state when spousal support is to provided, in what amount it is to be provided, or why. Decisions regarding spousal support are made solely at a family court judge's discretion, based on a variety of factors. These factors include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The ability of either party to move back into the workforce (if one of the parties was unemployed during the marriage)
  • Marital and non-marital assets
  • The incomes of both parties
  • Whether or not either party has health issues

If a judge does decide to award spousal support to one of the parties, that support will come in one of two forms: temporary or permanent. Temporary support is usually granted to the individual who is capable of moving back into the workforce but needs some time to do it. Permanent support is usually awarded to the individual who may not be able to obtain employment that allows the individual to maintain a certain quality of life. If you are intent on resolving an issue related to spousal support in your divorce case, contact a Lawrenceville divorce lawyer who can provide you with professional legal representation.

Lawrenceville Divorce Attorney Serving Gwinnett County

The Law Office of Robert L. Booker is available to provide you with immediate assistance in your spousal support case. Our legal team is experienced in all aspects of the divorce process, and we will use that experience, as well as the resources of our firm, to fight for an outcome that meets your financial needs and provides for your continued well being.

Contact a Lawrenceville divorce lawyer who will fight for favorable terms to your spousal support agreement.

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