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Lawrenceville Family Law Attorney

Family Law Issues

Family law is a broad area of law that is concerned with family relationships in many diverse areas such as planning estates, adopting children or divorcing spouses. Anytime you are facing a major life change, in fact, consulting with a family law attorney at our firm will ensure that your rights are protected while you are undergoing the stress of your situation. At The Law Office of Robert L. Booker, a knowledgeable Lawrenceville divorce lawyer can help answer your questions and assist you to make the decisions you need to make in your particular legal matter. We are thorough, compassionate and dedicated to obtaining the best possible results for our clients; and welcome your contact to schedule a consultation with us. We will gladly assist with your family law matter or any other issue you present.

Lawrenceville Divorce Attorney Providing Services in Gwinnett County

We are proud to offer an extensive range of services to assist individuals and families in these areas:

Divorce Just as marrying your spouse was both a legal process as well as an emotional bond, divorcing is also a legal process, usually involving many emotions. It can be extremely difficult to separate from the person you once loved or still love and additionally separate your property, your debt, and time spent with your children. Choosing the right divorce attorney is essential at this stressful period of your life. Click here to read more about divorce...

Contested Divorce The division of marital property (assets and debts) and spousal support/alimony are two issues that must be addressed in every divorce while child support, child custody and visitation (parenting time) must be resolved in divorces with children. A divorce is said to be "contested" when spouses cannot agree on at least one of these issues. If this is your situation, you must contact an attorney at our firm to protect your rights. Read more about contested divorce...

Uncontested Divorce An uncontested divorce occurs when you and your spouse agree on all of the important matters involved in the dissolution of your marriage, including property division, spousal support/alimony and issues with your children. Even though your divorce is amicable, however, the services of an experienced divorce attorney is still necessary to make sure that all procedures have been adhered to and that your rights have not been violated in any way. Read more about uncontested divorce...

Child Custody Above all other considerations, the best interests of children are paramount in Georgia child custody cases and the court carefully reviews a number of factors to determine which parent is most suited to receive custody of their children. If you are divorcing and have concerns about your children's custody, an experienced and compassionate attorney at our firm is available to discuss your situation and help you achieve the best possible solution. Read more about child custody...

Modification to Child Custody

If you have changed your work schedule, your job or another aspect of your life, you may find it necessary to contact an attorney to petition the court for a modification to your child custody arrangement. Conversely, if you feel that your child may be in danger in your spouse's care or you are worried your child may be taken out of state, you may also need legal assistance. Read more about child custody...

Child Support As experienced family law attorneys, we are familiar with all aspects of Georgia's child support laws including the new 2007 law that uses an "income shares" model to assess parental child support obligations. We have earned a reputation for our thorough, confident and dedicated representation of our clients and their rights and if you have questions or concerns about your child support issue we are ready to assist you. Read more about child support...

Modification to Child Support

A child support order may be modified due to financial circumstances such as changes in medical insurance costs, job loss or other factors. In these cases, our attorneys can petition the court for a change of child support on your behalf. On the other hand, if you have reason to believe that an increase in your support payment is warranted, we may also be able to help. Read more about modification to child support...

Spousal Support/Alimony To assist a divorcing spouse who has become economically dependent on the other spouse during their marriage, Georgia law provides for financial payment, either in a lump sum or through periodic payments (or both), to the dependent spouse from the other party. The spousal support/alimony can be temporary or permanent and may be awarded to either party. To help protect your rights, please read more about spousal support...

Property Division Georgia is an "equitable division" state, meaning that the property divided in a divorce is not necessarily half and half between the spouses as happens in "community property" states. Property acquired before the marriage is considered separate property as well as that acquired by gift or inheritance at any time in a marriage. Marital property must first be identified, then classified and lastly valued before it can be divided up equitably. Read more about property division...

Debt Division When couples divorce, they must divide their assets and debts; however, Georgia's equitable division law is very complicated and doesn't provide for a strict 50-50 split of debts or dictate that a spouse with higher earnings pay more. To thoroughly examine your financial situation and to assist you in receiving only your fair share of the debts from your marriage, it is essential that you retain the experienced attorneys at our firm. Read more about debt division...

Asset Division In Georgia, an equitable division state, separate property is that owned prior to a marriage, while marital property is comprised of the wealth accumulated by the parties during their marriage. The assets must be divided as part of the divorce proceeding but this can be an exceedingly complex process. To ensure that your rights are protected and that you are not left with less of the marital property than you deserve, read more about asset division...

Relocation It is not unusual in a divorce situation for a parent to want to relocate with their children. In Georgia, there has been a move away from allowing the custodial parent to relocate against the wishes of the non-custodial parent, however. If an objection is raised, there is hearing in which the children's custody is essentially decided all over again, given the new information and based on their best interests. Read more about relocation...

Visitation Whenever children are the subject of legal disputes, the emotional stakes can be extremely high. Judges take numerous factors into consideration in deciding visitation issues but usually grant most parents liberal visitation (parenting time) with their children unless they pose a danger of some sort to them. If you are concerned about an inability to reach a visitation agreement or that your visitation has been unduly limited, contact our attorneys. Also, read more about visitation...

Paternity Paternity establishes the identity of abiological father and allows the court to order financial support for the child. It does not automatically, however, give him visitation rights. Have you been contacted to submit to a paternity test? Do you want to know more about your rights and obligations? Contact us for the help you need to get through the legalities and ensure that your rights are preserved in the process. Additionally, please read more about paternity...

Domestic Violence Have you or your children been threatened or victimized due to domestic violence? With or without a pending divorce, we are ready to put our compassion and dedication to work and can help you get a temporary protection order (TPO) to keep your abuser away from you. Conversely, if you have been accused of abuse or stalking and believe the allegations against you are false; we also may be able to help. Click here to read more about domestic violence...

Enforcing Court Orders The willful violation of a court order is called contempt of court. The two defenses possible include 1) that the violation never occurred, or 2) that the violation was not willful. Violations can occur due to many issues ranging from nonpayment of support to a violation of a TPO. If you are found guilty, the consequences can be financial or even result in criminal charges and jail time. Read more about enforcing court orders...

Legal Separation Unlike in some states, a couple does not have to live apart before filing for a legal separation in Georgia. They are still legally married and may live under the same roof but are prohibited from living as man and wife, including engaging in sexual relations. The terms of a legal separation cover everything that is covered in a divorce proceeding and can allow for a reconciliation or a divorce. Click here to read more about legal separation...

Palimony Palimony suits take years to settle and are difficult to prove. Some of the factors considered by the court include the comingling of money, the length of the relationship and the lifestyles of the parties. The award in a palimony suit can only be financial; not a property award. If you and your partner have separated and you believe that you are owed palimony, contact our firm for assistance, and click her to read more about palimony...

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